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Oh really, endless things to do in Berlin! Have you prepared my list of the cool, fun, and awesome things to do in Berlin?

Berlin is truly the free city I have ever been to!

This is a city that leaves a strong impression on you, a place that holds many issues for you to see: East and West Berlin issues, past, present, and future issues, past crisis issues, and modern tolerance.

Today, Berlin is a melting pot of serious business, professional talk, hipsters, unhealthy parties, and, of course, a ton of beer!

if you read this because you want to visit the city soon and you want to sign up for what to see and do in Berlin, I stand by the pirates and give you a hand.

1. Berlin Wall


If you like to see some street art, this is a good place to start. Different artists made beautiful pieces of artwork here.

Where? Rosenthaler Strasse
Price? Free
Open? Always

2. Checkpoint Charlie


Checkpoint Charlie is a former checkpoint between the Americans and the Russians at the border of East and West Berlin. When the Berlin Wall has fallen, It was destroyed, but later they made a replica and placed it at the same spot. It is an extremely touristy place, but because of its historical value, it is worth a visit.

  • Where? Friedrichstrasse 43-45
  • Price? Free, but if you want to take a picture with the ‘border guard’ you have to pay a little fee
  • Open? Always

3. holocaust memorial berlin

holocaust memorial berlin
holocaust memorial berlin

This one is pretty impressive and has a silent, scary vibe. It was created as a memorial to the murdered jew of Europe. The site is huge and consists of 2711 blocks of concrete in different sizes. The idea behind it, was to let you experience what the jews must have been felt when they were in the concentration camps. The small alleys and the big blocks, make you feel disorientated like there is no way out.

Disturbing fact: The concrete is sprayed with a chemical layer so it would be protected against graffiti. The only thing is… the company that made the coating, was during the holocaust the co-owner of the company that produced the gas for the concentration camps. Do you feel the irony?

  • Where? Cora Berliner Strasse 1
  • Price? Free
  • Open? April till September from 10 AM – 8 PM, October till March from 10 AM – 7 PM, closed on Mondays

4. Brandenburg gate berlin

Brandenburg Gate Berlin
Brandenburg Gate Berlin

This is an iconic landmark of Berlin and should be on the to-do list of the city. Now it is the symbol of Berlin and it is the only historic city gate still standing.

Taking a picture without a tourist is nearly impossible here, so not picture-perfect, but still impressive!

  • Where? Pariser Platz
  • Price? Free
  • Open? Always

5. Reichstag building

Reichstag Building Berlin
Reichstag Building Berlin

The Reichstag is home to the parliament of Germany and has a lot of political value. Because of the architecture and history, it is one of Berlin’s top sites to visit. You can enter the Reichstag and enjoy an amazing view of the city from the glass dome at the top. Make sure you book this ticket in advance (unless you want to wait in line for 2/3 hours to get a ticket). We were too late to book tickets online, so we didn’t go up. So we have a reason to come back on the day!

  • Where? Platz der Republik 1
  • Price? Free, but you need to registrate to get in (online ticket)
  • Open? Every day from 8 AM till 12 PM (last entrance at 10 PM)


7. Alexanderplatz berlin


In the center of Berlin, you can go to the big square called Alexanderplatz. It used to be the place where the market was held and is named after a Russian Tzar, Alexander I. Now it is a very vibrant place where there is always something to do. It is surrounded by shops, restaurants, cinemas and the famous Fernsehturm is based here.

  • Where? Alexanderplatz
  • Price? Free
  • Open? Always

8. Fernsehturm berlin tower

Fernsehturm berlin tower

You can already see this landmark from far far away, the iconic Television Tower (365 meters), which is also the highest building in Berlin. If you are not afraid of heights, you can go up there for a 360° view over Berlin or even have lunch/dinner in the restaurant.

Nice fact: When the sun shines on the tower, you can see a cross on the metal ball. During the cold war, this was a little bit inconvenient, because of the atheistic DDR and they had the idea to break down the tower. Luckily changed the story behind the cross and told themselves it was a plus sign for socialism.

Where? Panoramastrasse 1A
Price? Early bird ticket €14, Skip The Line Ticket €22.5
Open? March till October from 9 AM till midnight, November till February from 10 AM till midnight

9. Berliner Dom Berlin Germany

Berliner Dom Berlin Germany

A fantastic piece of architecture and an impressive building… the Berliner Dom is not to miss. Although we didn’t do that, there is the possibility to go up to the doms and have a view over Berlin.

Where? Lustgarten 1
Price? €7
Open? Monday till Saturday from 9 AM till 8 PM, Sunday from Noon till 8 PM

10. RAW-temple berlin

raw temple
raw temple

On a former industry terrain, you will find beautiful street art, which is a real hotspot when visiting Berlin. This place can be used by artists to express themselves and they organize festivals and parties here. On Sunday there is a flea market. A place that won’t bore you!

Where? Revaler Strasse 99
Price? Free
Open? Always

11.Klunkerkranich berlin

klunkerkranich berlin

We discovered this place by accident, but we really loved it. It was a quiet place to relax a bit and we had a beautiful view of the city. At the top of the parking garage of Neukölln Arkaden, there is a bar where you can enjoy a beer.

Where? Karl-Marx-Strasse 66
Price? Garden is free, but when there is an event, you need to pay
Open? Thursday and Friday from 4 PM till 1:30 AM, Saturday and Sunday from noon till 1:30 PM


Hope you enjoyed reading about my fantastic trip to Berlin. If you have any questions, please let us know, maybe we can help you!

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