3 Days Safari tour in Kenya | Africa Safari park Holiday 2021

Safari tour in Kenya

What do you do when 2021 is coming to an end and you still have 14 days off work? Well, you book a Safari tour in Kenya & a 5-day beach holiday to Zanzibar! While everybody is working their ass off in the freezing cold December in Belgium, we take off to Africa where it is nice & hot. For both of us, it is the first time in East Africa and the first time we went on a safari.

There is no doubt that we were extremely excited about this trip. Before we left, a lot of people warned us about the danger in Kenya and also the travel advice from the government wasn’t that good… After a lot of research, we decided to take the risk. We must say… we never noticed any sign of danger while we were there. Our advice for when you are in Nairobi; just to be careful and avoid certain areas of the city. When you leave the capital, there are only smiling, happy and friendly people. The only danger there is in the national parks is that you become a dish for a lion, elephant,…

Safari tour in Kenya

Because it was our first time on a safari, we were a little bit more careful with choosing our safari partner, but we decided to book a 4-day safari trip with Khanga Safari. The communication before arrival was perfect, so we felt confident about this organization.

DAY 1: Nairobi – Tsavo East National Park

Nairobi – Tsavo East National Park

After a short night of sleep in Nairobi, our guides were ready to pick us up at our hotel to drive us to our first safari-stop: Tsavo East. Tsavo is not only the biggest (21 000km2) national park of Kenya but also the oldest one. It is divided into Tsavo East and Tsavo West. In between, there is a railway that can take you from Nairobi to Mombassa on the coast.

When we talked to the local people there, they were telling us that Tsavo is really an underrated park in Kenya. All tourists go to Masaai Mara & Ambsoli, but they assure us that Tsavo is worth a visit! They were not lying; the park is absolutely stunning. The good part about it being underrated is that we had the park and the hotel for ourselves! Apart from 4 other people we were the only guests, which was awesome. The hotel (Voi Safari Lodge) itself was beautiful and the view is spectacular. It is built on the edge of a hill and you can watch the wildlife from a safe distance from your room or the restaurant.

Safari tour in Kenya

Tsavo East is known for one of the biggest elephant populations in the world. An extra, the elephants are a little bit red here, due to the dust in the park. Because the park is so big, it is more difficult to find wildlife here, but hey… looking for the animals is part of the fun!

DAY 2: Tsavo East National Park – Tsavo West National Park

Tsavo West National Park

safari tour in Kenya, early mornings, but you get rewarded by the beautiful nature and the wildlife you see during an early morning safari through the park. You get the see the animals wake up and start their day. After 2 hours of animal spotting and taking a lot of pictures, there is a huge breakfast buffet waiting for us at the hotel.

Tsavo West National Park (2)

Safari tour in Kenya Today we are going to the west side of Tsavo. Again, a day full of wonderful landscapes and several animals. For the second time, we had the park for ourselves, just as the hotel (Ngulia Lodge). Which was nice, because the personnel treats you like a king & queen. In the afternoon, there is another game drive planned, where we hoped to see the big 5. Until now, we have only seen 2 of them.

DAY 3: Amboseli National Park

At the early morning game drive, we were so lucky to spot a lot of animals and enjoy nature in this park.

Amboseli National Park
Amboseli National Park
Amboseli National Park
Amboseli National Park

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